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Swap-N-Go Spinners

Swap-N-Go Spinners Maximize Spreading Capability

Exclusively from Lanco Spreaders, Swap-N-Go Spinners are designed to give you the option of spreading either lime or fertilizer with the same spreader.

Want to spread lime? Simply use the Lime Swap-N-Go Spinner and get the precision spread pattern you need. Want to spread fertilizer? You don’t have to change machines, just switch out the Lime Swap-N-Go Spinner with the Fertilizer Swap-N-Go Spinner and you’re ready to roll!

Swapping out spinners for the spread application you need is easy and more cost effective than buying multiple spreaders. Contact Lanco Spreaders to learn more about this revolutionary, world-class spinner combination that delivers world-class performance and spread pattern every time. It’s Better Spreading Made Simple!